The Sound Mirror

New book-publication by Jan Stulen:

The Sound Mirror
About conducting; what makes it work?


Jan Stulen, born in 1942 in Amsterdam, wrote and completed this book shortly before his death in 2017. As conductor and professor of orchestral conducting, he channelled his knowledge, professional competence and long-time international experience into this manuscript to offer help and advice to students and (young) colleagues. Renowned in his time for his seemingly effortless natural technique, his straightforward efficiency and his very approachable attitude towards the musicians he was a highly appreciated conductor.

Stulen combined great didactic insight with the rare ability to impart his knowledge to others. His legacy now available for future generations; he explains in this book his philosophy about the orchestra being a mirror of the conductor’s intent, behaviour and physical actions.


“This splendid and encyclopedic book on all aspects of conducting is a lasting example of Stulen’s very practical approach. (Young) conductors will have rich pickings from this excellent book!” 
From the foreword by Kenneth Montgomery


“A book full of practical and wise insights for all conductors, written by an exceptional musician and, above all, a generous and warm-hearted person”

Otto Tausk, Music Director Vancouver Symphony Orchestra


“This book mirrors conductors and their orchestras and also reflects the enormous expertise of a conductor, who fully committed himself to music of remarkably varied style and repertoire. A true example for young musicians and a great inspiration to many.”

Jac van Steen, Conductor


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